“The industrial hub of tomorrow”

Located in the south of Malé region lies an artificial island named Thilafushi. Used as a municipal landfill and industrial requirements of Malé city, this island houses the major industrial activities. From cement packing, gas bottling, boat manufacturing to large scale warehousing, this strategic island is now being transformed as the leading industrial hub of Maldives.  

Connecting the hopes and dreams of businesses and industries of Maldives, Thilafushi creates a vibrant and dynamic environment for any business to grow and thrive. Empowered by sustainable, eco-friendly, and technology driven solutions, Thilafushi will be known as ‘The Industrial Hub of Tomorrow.’  

Revolutionizing the industrial platform, the island is being reclaimed with well-planned state-of-the-art industrial zones, accessible land and integrated water connectivity. Linking the stretch of islands Malé, Villingili, Gulhifalhu, and Thilafushi will be the ThilaMalé Bridge, positioning Thilafushi as an essential component in motivating the major industries and businesses to re-locate and maximize the unique opportunities the island offers.  

The international port of Gulhifalhu and industrial activities located at Thilafushi will further create a synergy and enhance its strategic position. Thilafushi is being developed considering mixed use characteristics, promoting accessibility with public amenities at walking distance, emphasized green and open spaces, flexible developments, streamlined road networks, active waterfronts, and a sustainable city with the motive of becoming a BREEAM certified city.