Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced RFP for lease of commercial space (Garden Café) in Hulhumalé Community Center (Fahiveni) on 17th May 2021. This commercial space will be leased for the provision of a café.

Fahiveni Community Center was developed to cater to the growing population with services and facilities needed by the community. The center consists of badminton court, cinema, and class rooms which are up for rent to use in events. Also, the center is in close proximity to social housing units and Hulhumalé Park. Hence, the area is very optimal for F&B businesses.  

The total leasable area for the allocated unit is 2,154.93 sqft and the unit will be leased for 10 years. HDC has discounted the lease rate for the first two years and fixed the rate to MVR 25.00. The minimum acceptable lease rate for Year 3, 4 & 5 is MVR 30.00.

Interest parties are invited to submit their proposals on 1st July 2021, by 1300hrs.

A complete set of Request for Proposal (RFP) is made available on HDC corporate website and MyHulhumalé Properties website.